Condolences to Miss Malika ZEGGAR and her family



Miss Malika ZEGGAR

and her family.


Dear Malika,

It is with great sadness and deep sorrow that we learned, today, the death of your dearest and late sister DALILA, Administrative Assistant to the African Gymnastics Union, from the effects of faintness at home.

In this painful circumstance, the Members of the Executive Committee and the whole African gymnastics family join me in expressing you our sincere condolences, to your family and loved ones, as well as to her friends and colleagues of the Sports Federations Center and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

We assure you of our brotherly empathy and support in these particularly difficult times, praying  God to bestow His Holy Mercy on her and to welcome her into His vast Paradise, and to help you overcome the terrible ordeal of her sudden loss.

We belong to God, and to Him we return



                   Ali ZAATER                                                                   Kamel  KOUIMIA

                     Président                                                                     Secrétaire Général

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